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Velux Windows

If you’re thinking about what windows to get with us for your Dundee home, Velux might be your answer. With these windows you get to see more sun coming into your household and enjoy better ventilation. This will help keep your rooms bright and airy. 

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Benefits of Velux window Installation 

  • These windows allow a lot more natural light into your home
  • The glazing on these windows consists of laminated safety glass
  • Each window has a closable vent
  • Variety of windows to choose from
  • Velux is available on pitched and flat roofs
  • The installation of a roof window allows for more fresh air
  • Improves Air Flow


Your Options

You can choose the aesthetic for your roof window that best suits your Dundee home. White is a popular choice but you can also get pine centre windows that keep the natural colour of the timber frame. 

What’s more, you have a range of blinds to choose from for your windows. Velux blinds provide effective screening from the sun and protection from heat. Velux offer roller, pleated and venetian blinds. 

Your Velux window can be the ideal addition to an attic or bathroom. These windows can also provide the light you need for your kitchen countertop or study area.

On top of windows, you can also get Velux sun tunnels. These provide natural light for corridors, stairwells, cupboards where the installation of a Velux roof window might not be possible.

What are Velux windows?

Velux are a brand who specialise in roof windows as their central product. Their windows were originally invented in 1942 and were designed solely to give some more sun to a dark, stuffy attic. With the installation of a window, the attic was consequently transformed into a liveable space, full of light and fresh air.

Velux roof windows have become extremely popular across the globe, and they have several different window variations available.


What are they made of?

The Velux window is made of a solid timber interior which is coated in a quality moulded polyurethane surround. This is different to a uPVC alternative which is made of plastic. 

The timber frames that make up these windows are known to be long-lasting and reliable.

Why choose this brand?

Roof windows offer a lot of benefits. Firstly, the frames on Velux’s windows are designed to be as narrow as possible. This allows more light to come through the window’s glazing,  creating a bright and airy room. Studies have shown that increased natural light can reduce stress and help free up your mind.

Windows from Velux will help your Dundee home remain a relaxed environment for all who live there and anyone who visits. 

Reinforced glazing

Velux Windows also offer Laminated Safety Glass as a standard on all their windows. This glass is a strong and safe form of glazing that will give extra security to your Dundee home.

Windows from Velux are secure and won’t let in any water. The windows also come with a small ventilation bar. This can allow you to improve airflow in your home, or let fresh air in even if the weather is bad. The vent on the window is closable so you don’t have to worry about being too cold in the winter months.

Help improve your lifestyle

Choosing windows from Velux could be a benefit for your health. With easily accessible ventilation bars, these windows can help prevent your home from becoming too stuffy or even developing mould. Thus, by choosing windows from Velux, you reduce the risk of health problems caused by poor air quality. 

Insulate your home

Windows from Velux can help keep your home warm. For example, with a Velux Insulation Collar, your Velux roof windows can provide a great source of insulation. This will allow you to efficiently heat your home and cut down on the cost of bills. All the while reducing your carbon footprint. 

You can purchase a Velux collar for your windows or we can manufacture an alternative solution on site when installing your windows.

Installing the windows

At Abertay Roofing, we will work with utmost professionalism. Our window fitters will handle the installation of the Velux windows to the customers' requirements. You can rely on us not only for the fitting of the windows but any future repairs as well, if necessary. 

The windows are available on both pitched and flat roofs. Our team will work to ensure the Velux window is installed to the highest standard and is secure. We will also ensure the join from the window to your roof is sealed and watertight.

With every window installation, we use safety harnesses; PPE; safety boots; glasses; gloves; ear defenders and hard hats to ensure our window fitting work is conducted safely. 

We also use scaffolding for window installation when necessary.

Looking for window installation in the Dundee area? Us at Abertay Roofing have your window fitting needs covered.


Perhaps you’re wondering, “where can I get Velux windows repairs near me?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s Velux window replacement or minor repairs to the timber frame, we’ve got it covered.

A solution that works

If you’d like to brighten up your home in Dundee, get yourself some roof windows from Velux. Furthermore, for maximum light exposure in your house, we recommend combining these windows with some patio doors. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this or the windows in general.

Request Velux from us at Abertay Roofing today. We are Velux approved installers. Get in touch with us if you have an enquiry about our installation process or what we offer.

Alternatively, you can contact us for any repairs needed on your windows.