Tile Roof System

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Roof Tiles For Your Property

Roof tiles are a great option as they are a versatile roofing material that you can personalise to your home's aesthetics. They also have several different benefits that can improve your home.

Benefits of Tile Roofing

  • Energy Efficient
  • Extremely Resistant
  • Natural Material
  • Distinctive Looks
  • Reduce Heat Loss or Gain
  • Versatile
  • Colour Options

What Abertay Offer - Tiling

Tiling is a popular choice. Tiling material offers similar benefits to slate but is a little less costly. Roof tiles are tiles that are made from clay or concrete. They can be made into a variety of shapes and colours offering you a great way to add a personal touch to your house.

Due to the materials used they are environmentally responsible as they do not deplete any limited natural resources and they don’t have any chemicals or preservatives added to them.


This roofing material has a long life and is also naturally resistant to fire, wind and hail. They have been proven to withstand wind up to 150 miles per hour. They are also easy to install and if any repairs are needed we can replace damaged tiles individually.

Tile Repairing Services

Tiled roofs require very little maintenance and should need very few to no repairs. This roofing acts  as natural air ventilation under the tile, creating a heat barrier, which prevents heat loss or gain, making your home more energy-efficient. 

Our handy team can assess any and all damage to your tiles and give you a quick quote for the process to repair it.

Installation - How Do We Do It?


When we install tiling, the process is similar to slate, however, it is quicker as the tiles are uniform. We install wooden battens along the roof. Then we take the new tiles in small piles to the roof and spread them out evenly to properly distribute the weight evenly across the roof. We then start laying them out and clipping them onto the batten to ensure they stay in place. This helps prevent damage against high winds.


Tiles can easily be cut to fit the roof edges, joints and any objects. This  service means your roof will look uniform, neat and complete. 

Abertay -  Tiles


Abertay Roofing can help you choose the new roof tile look you want for your home, then install it to the highest standard. We will make sure your home is watertight and that the tiles look their best when installed.


Our team uses all the safety equipment necessary and also scaffolding if it is needed for this service.

We will also be using all standard PPE so we can ensure the safety of you and our workers.

Your new roof is only a quick consultation away.

Working In Dundee and surrounding areas, we can ensure your roof needs will be assessed and sorted in no time with our highly sought after services.