Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration

Repairs In Dundee With Our Roofing Experts

Our Dundee Services - Let’s Get To Work Restoring


Here at Abertay Roofing we can restore your entire roof, or repair and replace sections. These options are cost-efficient as a lot of the time it can just be a small section or few tiles on your roof that need to be replaced.

This can save you from having to entirely replace your roof further down the line. We also offer the Full Roof Restore, which is the best option if you are experiencing several problems with your current roof. 

Your Safety Is Our Priority When It Comes To Roofing


Our team uses all the safety equipment necessary and also scaffolding if it is needed. We will also be using all standard PPE so we can ensure the safety of you and our workers. 


Signs You Need A Repair Or Restore 

  • Leaking
  • Damp
  • Mould, Moisture or Rot
  • Roof Sagging or Dipping
  • Reached it’s the life expectancy
  • Corrosion
  • Broken, Cracked or missing tiles or slates
  • Deterioration at Valleys and joints
  • Worn or Cracked Flashing

Repair's For Damages

Finding The Best Solution For Your Repair Needs


On older roofs, you might notice some broken slate, loose tiles or damp areas on your roof. We can easily fix all of these issues. Our team will assess the situation and the damage and will remove and then replace any tiles or slates that are damaged and causing you problems.


We will also assess the rest of your roof to ensure there are no more issues, and if there are we can fix them too. We offer this on all of our services. Repairs are often a quick job, so you can ensure the repairs will make everything watertight and weather resistant.

We also complete our work to the highest standard so you can be sure that the repairs will last.

Full Roofing Restore

Restoring Is Vital 


If you have a few areas that are causing problems, you might consider a full roof restoration. In this case, we would recommend fully restoring your roof. We will then restore the entire roof with updated materials. We will work with you to find the best fit for your requirements and then install them with our trusted team.


We will complete this to the best standard. We will ensure the new roof is fully secured and watertight, which will prevent further issues down the line.


The Experts On Hand - Let Us Do The Hard Part

Our trusted and highly skilled team are prepared for any roofing damages or issues you have. The team will be on hand to assess your damages and get to work on the hard part, leaving you feeling relaxed and satisfied. 

 We guarantee that your full roof restore will last 30 years.