Lead Flashing Dundee

Lead Flashing

Lead Flashing is essential for keeping your roofing watertight in the most vulnerable areas. It covers joints created from anything that joins or rises from your roof. For example, when your roofing encounters a vertical wall on the house, a gap is formed which needs to be sealed. That’s where this addition to your building comes in. Lead cladding will keep your home safe from the elements.

Benefits of Leadwork for your roofing

  • Leadwork keeps your roofing watertight
  • Protects Joints and Joins
  • Guides water down to the guttering
  • Extremely Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Prevents Mould

Why choose Lead Flashing?

Lead is a great choice as it is very durable and will adapt to different weather conditions by contracting and expanding. This means it won’t crack or melt under harsh weather.

This material also gives you flexibility when it comes to the type of roofing you can use it for. It is very pliable and can be moulded into the correct shape for all types of roofs; be it flat, tile or slate. 

Another benefit is that it is resistant to fire. So, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be well protected when it comes to potential lightning storms.

Additionally, lead can help keep your home slightly quieter, as it is also sound resistant. What’s more, it provides a great source of insulation and will stop heat from escaping your home.

Overall, it can last longer than its alternatives and won’t corrode in atmospheric change.


Abertay Roofing will install Lead Flashings where they are needed on your roofing. This could be to fix and prevent any water damage or to update old cladding. The most common areas for cladding are Chimneys, Dormer Windows, Velux Windows, Vents and valleys and joints in your roofing.


Lead Flashing is a layer of Lead sheet. It starts around two to three tiles away from the joint, then bends over it and proceeds past it, to make sure the joint is watertight. Joints are where roofing is most susceptible to water entering and damage.


The layer sheet will prevent this from happening, by strengthening it with a durable material that will last years. The Lead Flashings are installed not only to stop water from entering but also to guide water away from the joints, and down your roof to the guttering, where it will safely be guided to the ground.  You can trust leadwork to be resilient against all types of weather.


Abertay Roofing will install the leadwork at all the joints and joins. This will ensure your home is watertight and protected against damage from water entering the roofing structure. Our Team will install this to the best standard.

Our expertise allows us to work quickly, so we can install while keeping your home protected from the elements. We wear all the necessary safety equipment on a job, including PPE. Scaffolding is only used when necessary, and we are insured, to keep our team safe.

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Lead flashing is a great option to ensure your new roofing is protected from any potential leaks. Our top priority with this service, and everything else we provide, is to work in a professional manner and help you feel at ease. Having work done to your home can be worrisome, but you can trust us to work diligently and with care. 

Be sure to contact us for our roofing services. We’re here to help keep your roofing watertight and secure.